Indeed a wristband fitness tracker is a full-time fitness coach for you as it gives more fitness-related insights to the user and keeps a complete tracking record throughout the whole day. A fitness tracker is an entire companion that tracks fitness activities and provides workout guides etc. 

But before that, it must be set up perfectly to track your fitness activities.  If it’s your first time with a smartwatch or fitness tracker, you must learn how to set it up. The setting of the fitness tracker is not the same for all. It varies from the type of fitness tracker, brand, features, etc.

It might be surprising for you that a few ounces of weighty wristbands can monitor your steps and activities. Either it’s a heartbeat, sleep steps, distance covered, calories consumption or swimming steps, etc., all tracked with the sensors of the fitness tracker sitting on your wrist. So go with the best-suited smartwatch or fitness tracker which meets your fitness needs.


Different brands are offering their customized and hybrid smartwatches, which might be your ultimate fitness trackers. A basic fitness tracker is nothing more than a wireless device paired with the user’s smartphone and supports the entire day’s activities.

A user must follow a complete guide for setting up his/her fitness tracker correctly. Here a complete guide is given to set up their fitness trackers easily. Either you are an android user or an IOS user, you can follow the below-given steps to set up your fitness tracker.

1. For Android

If you are an android user and your fitness tracker is android compatible, then follow these steps:

  • Charge it first

Most of the fitness trackers come with a USB charger. A few of the watches have a micro USB slot where you can plug the USB and charge your fitness tracker. But there are a few fitness tracker smartwatches that have specified battery life and are not rechargeable. But if your tracker is chargeable, put it on charge for a couple of minutes before setting it up.

Check if the battery sign appears on the screen of the tracker. Some of the trackers have LED lights, which indicate that the fitness tracker is on charge; otherwise, the tracker will go through the manual book with the tracker to find how to charge the tracker.

  • Install the related android app on a smartphone

There is a fitness companion app with which a fitness tracker is paired. Sometimes the tracker companies offer their own apps for a few months of a free trial. Mainly, some trackers support android connectivity, so you can install an android app on your smartphone to proceed.

Navigate to google play store on your phone and install the app, for instance, Garmin connect, Fitbit app, etc. if your fitness tracker is compatible for both android and IOS, then it’s up to you which device you pair with it and install the related app either from Apple store or google play store.

  • Create your account

After successfully installing the app on your smartphone, the next step is to create an account there. Set up a new account if you don’t have any; otherwise, go login to your account there. In case you have no account before, you should then follow these steps given below:

  1. Click on the signup/ setting up account or registration button given there.
  2. Enter your username in the appearing form
  3. Put a strong password there.
  4. Select your device from the list given there
  5. Enter your biometric data
  6. Agreed with terms and conditions

Your account is ready to connect to the tracker now. 

  • Pairing tracker with smartphone

Now all done with account creation, app installation, etc. so in this step, pair your tracker to the smartphone and view your fitness and health data with the app installed. Keep your smartphone and trackers nearby while connecting them with Bluetooth.

Connect your smartphone with the internet and switch on your smartphone’s Bluetooth from the settings menu. Wait for a few minutes if the tracker starts pairing to the smartphone and then proceed further; otherwise, look for captions to set up your device. After pairing, enjoys the successful on-screen fitness-related information and guidance by the fitness coach.

2. For IOS

If you are an IOS user and your tracker is IOS compatible, then follow the below-given guide:

  • Turn on The fitness tracker or smartwatch.

Firstly, turn on the watch by pressing and holding the button on the side of the bazel until and unless the logo appears on the screen. If it’s not turning on, then put it on charge for a few minutes. And then press the start button given there.

  • Install the app on your IOS/apple smartphone

If you are using the apple smartwatch particularly, then they are already installed there, but if your fitness tracker is from another company, then install the app on your IOS device and create an account there. Put your login details there if you already have an account; otherwise, create a new account and proceed further.

  • Pair your IOS device to a fitness tracker

Keep your fitness tracker switched on and keep it near your IOS device. It will automatically start pairing if it’s not aspiring, then go and navigate to the app. Scan the graphic appearing on your smartwatch screen with your iPhone camera. Then sign in using apple ID and more on.

For firm connectivity or pairing, keep an IOS device or iPhone nearby or up to 10 meters.

  • Personalizing your fitness tracker

Set up your fitness tracker, which is IOS or iPhone compatible according to your ease. Begin with settings that suit you and are convenient. Such as:

  • Screen brightness
  • App layout
  • Watch faces
  • Text size

Are some of the controllable things of the smartwatch, whereas the:

  • Location set up
  • Notification settings
  • Switching on Siri

Are some of the settings which one must do using the app. Set up a passcode for your fitness tracker and enjoy some additional features, including Apple, pay for contactless payments using the app.

If you want to learn about these personalized settings, follow the setup wizard given on the app or check the manual for assistance.


After a complete set up of the fitness, tracker the smartwatch follows these important factors for the most accurate and excellent results from the ultimate fitness companion. Give a read to these couple of significant factors which are important too:

  1. Enter your biometric data in the tracker

For accurate health and fitness results, add your biometric data in the app. Look for the options for adding the bio information then your tracker will be able to provide authentic information about after tracking. The biometric data includes:

  • Height
  • Weight

The weight will help the tracker calculate the calories burnt, and the height will help improve the accuracy of the steps and calculator the distance covered so far.

  1. Wear it in the correct position

If your tracker has a heart rate monitor, then position it correctly on your wrist. The built-in heart rate monitor particularly helps the user in a variety of ways.

Follow the given manual and set up your tracker, then position it as guided in the manual. Either you are wearing it to the right or left wrist, but it must be above the wrist bone and tight enough to avoid slipping around.

  1. Set your fitness goals

Now set your fitness goals and use this full-time fitness coach to achieve these real fitness goals. A few fitness trackers have customizable fitness goals which the user can optimize himself/herself.

A real pre-set fitness goal with the tracker is fully alright because it tracks the user’s progress and keeps him/her motivated throughout his fitness journey. Small rewards like online earning badges and these monthly and weekly summaries assist much in competing online friends and achieving realistic fitness goals.

  1. Keep an active eye on running updates.

Keep on updating the running updates on your activity tracker as it’s vital for accurate results. Fix the bugs abruptly and enjoy the new features after every update. Make sure your privacy is not compromised with these data updates.

  1. Keep it clean

After exercising, clean your tracker and also keep it clean throughout the whole day. In case you don’t keep it clean, there will be an unbearable bad smell, which might cause rashes on your wrist.

Most fitness trackers have wristbands made with rubber or plastic, so it’s not hard to clean. Clean the tracker with a damp cloth and mild soap. It will remove the smell of sweating and keep it tidy.


Concluding the entire discussion, we found that the fitness tracker or smartwatch must be set up after complete guidance. If you haven’t bought a tracker yet or have a tracker and look for setting it up, give a read to this article. For sure, you will learn to set up a fitness tracker and personalized its settings.

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