BEST FITNESS WATCH FOR MEN 2021 Review – Top 7 Picks

best fitness watch for men

Are you curious to know about your fitness progress? Then for continuous fitness progress tracking, go with the best fitness watch for men 2021?  The latest trackers have some extra features which help the user to achieve his pre-set fitness goal.

Indeed, the tracker watch’s real results assist in scaling different workouts and other related fitness activities. Be your gym trainer with fitness trackers smartwatches and achieve your pre-set fitness goals.

Being a man, this practice can save your cost. Just spend a few dollars and get your choice of a fully customized wristband tracker. Investing in trackers pays you back in the form of extreme fitness.

Recognize your needs regarding fitness and pick one of the best-suited fitness tracker watches for you. No doubt it’s your full-time companion, trainer, and fitness coach.


Here we selected these top 7 best fitness watches for men 2021 to review—quality and value matter when you will buy a product. We deeply Ponder upon the bunch of products before picking them. We reviewed each of the products deeply and mentioned their unique features, pros, and cons. Just go through and pick the best-matched fitness watch for you.

Image Product Details   Price
fitbit-charge-4 NEW APPLE WATCH SE Brand: APPLE
12 ounces
iPhone 6s, iOS 13
Battery Life: 
18 hours
Activity Tracking: 
fitbit-charge-4 GARMIN INSTINCT Brand: GARMIN
1.83 ounces
Compatibility: smartphones & android phones
Battery Life: 
14 days
Activity Tracking: 
0.95 pounds
Compatibility: Android devices (Smartphones & Tablets)
Battery Life: 
30 days
Activity Tracking: 
fitbit-charge-4 GARMIN FENIX 5S Brand: GARMIN
2.36 ounces
Compatibility: Smartphones using Bluetooth
Battery Life: 
9 days
Activity Tracking: 
2.12 ounces
Compatibility: Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S3
Battery Life: 
2 days
Activity Tracking: 
fitbit-charge-4 POLAR VANTAGE M Brand: POLAR
1.6 ounces
Compatibility: Smartphones & Polar devices
Battery Life: 
30 hours
Activity Tracking: 
fitbit-charge-4 FITBIT ALTA HR Brand: FITBIT
0.80 ounces
Compatibility: Smartphones & Android phones
Battery Life: 
7 days
Activity Tracking: 


new apple watch SE

Apple introduced an ultimate fitness tracker device as a healthy life solution as “New apple watch SE”. no doubt the apple is one of the most reliable brands introducing the Best smartwatches for men in the last few years. Uniquely the apple watch series 6, 3, and then the apple watch SE used under shallow water fitness activities like swimming, etc., up to 50 meters.

These smartwatches are waterproof but not recommended for scuba diving, waterskiing, and other activities with high water velocity like submarines. Now you can use your wrist tracker band for emergency SOS use connected to a nearby iPhone. Wi-Fi availability is an additional advantage that allows the user to connect his iPhone to this. Apple introduced a tracker and enjoy the music, calling, and other apps on his wrist.

Furthermore, the blood oxygen app given there is for self-diagnosis and to guide about general fitness. For the connectivity to iPhone, the compatibility is IOS 14, which works well. It has up to 18 hours long battery life, which keeps the tracker active to track your activities; meanwhile, the user can enjoy music while doing the workout.

It has built-in GPS and 64-bit dual-core processor having a W3 Apple wireless chip. It has an improved electric heat sensor and gyroscope. They provided louder speakers to add spice to its overall performance. Multicolour watch bands available with the watch to give a new look every day. The interchangeable bands with various styles and colours provide the right look. Now tracking the overall workout performance can be tracked on your iPhone.

Key Features:

  • 2x faster processors
  • Apple-certified service
  • Ultimate workout partner
  • Large Retina OLED display
  • Heart rate track notification
  • Translate with the Apple pay app
  • Advanced fitness tracking sensors
  • Gets high and low rate heart notification

What do we like?

  • Track all-day activity
  • Listen to music while
  • Multiple bands to change
  • Measures your workout progress
  • 24/7 priority access to Apple experts
  • Can call for help in case of emergency
  • Discover and then share customized watch faces

What don’t we like?

  • A limited selection of watch faces
  • 3rd party apps are useless on this

Bottom line

No doubt, Apple is meant for providing quality and value to its users. Similarly, the New apple watch SE is one of the best fitness trackers introduced. Its long battery, louder speakers, Built-in GPS, super-fast dual-core processor, and latest sensors help the user track his fitness progress in the best way. Its features are superb.


garmin instinct

The most famous “Garmin Instinct” is one of the fibre-reinforced polymers made smartwatch trackers for men, which has a durable casing and bright display. It’s one of the best activity trackers for men due to its splendid features. Its size is big enough that makes its display easy to read. Users having a wrist circumference of 132 to 224 mm should go with its medium size.

Surprisingly its weight is so low that the user forgets that he is wearing a tracker watch. Indeed, it does not bother me at all. Its long battery life supports its multiple settings; it works for 16 hours on GPS mode and is suitable for people who do outdoor activities. Power saving mode is a battery saving mode that maximally saves a 40 hours long battery when using it on GPS mode.

Moreover, the pairing with your smartphones keep you notifying on your wrist about all coming messages, calls, and other alerts. It trains the user smartly with its built-in sports apps. Chemically strengthened polymer fibre reinforced displays keep it readable even in sunlight. Its removable keeper loops and silicon made band keep its vented in your wrist.

This Garmin Instinct is made as per US military standards 810 thermal shocks and is water-resistant. It’s up to 14 hours long; a rechargeable battery saves 40 hours battery on GPS battery saver mode. Thereby, the user can do long hours of workouts running, swimming, and walking. For the sake of navigation, there is a barometer to monitor the weather and an altimeter for data elevation.

Key Features:

  • Rugged design
  • Has ABS sensor
  • Trackback routing
  • Multi GNSS support
  • Military standard 810
  • Pair for satellite communication

What do we like?

  • Train you smarter
  • Smart notifications
  • Built-in sports apps
  • Durable display casing
  • Up to 14 days long battery life
  • Stress and wristband heart rate tracker
  • Also, connect to the dog tracking device

What don’t we like?

  • No TOPO maps
  • Some features do not work without GPS.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an ultimate tracker pack, then buy this “Garmin Instinct” smartwatch. Stress and heart rate monitoring tracker built-in Sports apps keep users aware of their mental and heart conditions. Also, sports apps help smartly for getting fitness goals. Now smart notifications are on your wrist if your watch is connected to some compatible smartphone. Its ABS sensors work excellently and take the user to the next level.


Coros APEX Premium Multisport

As its name refers to the multisport fitness tracker smartwatch known as the Best fitness smartwatch due to its stunning features. Now customize your training with APEX features, and training allows the user to set complex interval workouts.

The smartwatch by COROS is used for monitoring heart rate and supports ANT and Bluetooth devices. It also involves training apps to create a separate group for you for 200 plus preloaded exercises and workouts from the site of COROS. Now users can chart their path using navigation tracking following the preloaded routes. It gives real-time information and data. It is a maximum of 30 days long battery life manage battery with the watch usage.

GPS tracking, accurate daily HR, and backlight make it the best overall operating system. If you want an optimized tracking ability, get help from the satellite signal strength with the elected GPS mode. With barometer results, the user receives pre-storm alerts in sound and vibrate form to intimate the user for a storm.

No doubt, it provides actionable insights about improving sports trading. Its 100 meters water resistance feature makes it unique and popular. Particularly the users who do swimming and shallow water activities can carry it with them up to 100 meters.  Its below-given button takes the user to the previous screen and allows the user to pause the video while working out by pressing the same button.

Key Features:

  • Multi-day recording
  • Ideal weight and size
  • GPS navigation and barometer
  • Satellite connection and data upload
  • Built-in heart rate monitor and altimeter

What do we like?

  • Is a sleep tracker
  • Intuitive interface
  • Such a long battery life
  • Advanced fitness metrics
  • Comes with informative widgets
  • The super amazing companion app

What don’t we like?

  • Fixed display brightness
  • Dull screen when indoor

Bottom line

You can call it the pack of multisport features and other necessary fitness activities tracker. It’s simple; the smart design is mainly designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists, and athletes. It tracks your performance and measures improvements in a workout, exercise, and other regular activities. Its fitness guiding apps trawls and gives useful information for further steps. It is a full-time companion of the user having 30 days long battery life.


Garmin Fenix 5S

Are you searching for the Best fitness tracker for men having 90 days limited warranty, then the “Garmin Fenix 5S” is the best choice. It’s one of the premium GPS watches with elevated wrist heart rate technology and has multisport options. Enjoy this preloaded activity profile with up to 9 days long battery, which is enough for outside workouts and other fitness activities.

It keeps updating the user’s performance, and training progress improve his performance with critical stats. It connects to the online fitness community with free watch faces. Particularly for swimmers, this watch tracks the distance as well as counts your strokes. The results seem to be altimeter because they seem too accurate.

Advanced GPS and GLONASS helps the users to track their whereabouts using GPS connectivity. It seamlessly connects to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and others. Often this watch is uploaded to the Garmin Connect online community and gets benefit from there too. High resolution and full Garmin chromo display having LED lightning on the back provide excellent readability even in ambient conditions.

A heart-based wrist tracker monitors heart rate with elevated technology. Sleep monitoring, calories burnt, and intake are some of the activities it monitors even without using a chest strap. Add a bright color interchangeable band and give yourself a new look. Using the training status, the user can evaluate his training progress along with his performance. This added spice to his performance just due to accurate and active performance indicators.

Key Features:

  • Step counter
  • Robust battery life
  • Smart notifications
  • Accurate navigation
  • Has preloaded activity profile

What do we like?

  • Multisport insights
  • Small and sleek design
  • Up to 100 meters waterproof
  • Up to 9 days long battery life
  • Easy to read display even in sunlight
  • Entirely comfortable and easy to use the tracker

What don’t we like?

  • No topographic maps
  • Heart rate accuracy is slightly compromised.

Bottom line  

Now your most awaited fitness dream is coming true with this stylish timepiece tracker. All-day activities, up to 9 days long battery life, performance and progress monitor, calories burnt and intake, sleep monitoring, and GPS connectivity, are some of the prominent features of this smart tracker, another the best fitness companion.


Samsung gear S3

Another the best fitness watch for men in 2021 is “Samsung gear S3,” which is mainly designed for an entire day’s use. The well-constructed and attractive design serves the hikers as well as runners in the best reward. Its built-in GPS and heart rate monitors are used for tracking a particular location while driving. Meanwhile, allowing the user to track and share the location. It is one of the Best fitness watch men’s choices.

The rotatable bezel around the watch face is used for navigation. This wristband tracks current speed, calories burnt, cadence for cycling, and distance run yet. Using the S health app, the user can start and stop workouts by doing a few taps on the screen. Moreover, the heart rate tracker gives a better picture of entire fitness activities. No need to connect to other devices for listening to music. Its processor is super-fast, having dual-core 1.0 GHz. Sensors including:

  • Gyro
  • Accelerometer
  • Barometer
  • Heart art

It helps the user in a variety of terms. Stainless steel made body and buttons make the watch more durable and long-lasting. Get help from the companion Samsung apps like “mapmyrun” to log the walk and run. Also, the provided S health app tracks sleep quality, heart rate, steps, and water intake, etc., just as bank card swapping the terminal signal recognizes NFC to the pay terminal via Samsung pay. Configure your bank cards accordingly to make actions using your wristband.

Key Features:

  • Samsung pay
  • Intuitive interface
  • Crisp and bright OLED display
  • Optional stand-alone LTE service
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, speakers, and microphone

What do we like?

  • Google voice controller
  • Accurate heart rate sensors
  • Built-in Samsung health app
  • Monitor your heart rate and more
  • Well-constructed attractive design
  • on-screen text and call notifications

What don’t we like?

  • Buggy IOS connection
  • Suspected GPS tracking
  • Weird automatic exercise tracking

Bottom line

Features enriched tracker with brilliant sensors is the best digital timepiece for tracking heart rate and fitness activities. Additionally, the altimeter’s addition measures the elevation and detects weather with the help of a barometer. Get advantage of the built-in speakers and enjoy songs and music while your workout and other exercises. This smart wristwatch adds meaning to men’s personality.


Polar Vantage M

Let’s challenge your limits with this advanced running and wrist-based heart rate monitoring. It’s one of the slim and lightest weight fitness tracing companions with multisport and integrated GPS. No doubt, it’s the best fitness watch for men in 2021 with an integrated GPS and tracking system.

Furthermore, users can Measure current, average, and maximum speed and improve their performance accordingly. Its stainless steel bezel with interchangeable straps make it look unique. The parlor precision province heart rate tracker provides the gold standard in optical heart rate accuracy after bioimpedance electrodes and optical sensors—replaceable multiple band colors and styles.

Also, the user can customize it’s using Vintage M options. It keeps on analyzing your progress, tracking your workouts, and then helping the user achieve more with “PolarFlo ”. The training program works in the best way with what you are viewing on the desktop or mobile. The accurate speed of integrated GPS tracks routes and distance with assistance GPS.

Meanwhile, the Parlor Vantage M has auto detecting heart rate, distance, pace strokes, and rest times for further guidance. Users can determine their running performance with a personalized running plan by calculating the VO2max running index score.

It allows users to share their experiences on social media after joining the Parlor community. 30 hours long battery life with innovative swimming technology supports the user for further activities. Additionally, the water resistance up to 30 meters works well and helps build a fit physique by doing swimming and other water-based activities.

Key Features:

  • 130 plus sports profiles
  • Running index and programs
  • Has Polar’s heart rate monitors
  • Amazing Polar flow environment
  • Nightly recharge and sleep stages
  • Has innovative technology for swimming

What do we like?

  • Integrated GPS
  • Sport supportive
  • 30 hours ultra-long battery life
  • Water-resistance is up to 30 meters
  • Onboard GPS and heart rate monitor
  • Multiple viewing options to display data

What don’t we like?

  • No music
  • No notification

Bottom line

Lastly, it enables the user to take his fitness to the next level with this most demanded wristband’s ultimate features. This could be for you if you are looking for the best sports smartwatch. Having 30 hours long battery, with 130 plus sports profiles, onboard GPS heart rate monitoring, and many more features are there to support your fitness goals. Its running index programs measure the running score and progress and update the user for further activities.


Fitbit alta HR

“Fitbit Alta HR” is the slimmest design for heart rate tracking and is the best fitness tracker watch for men.  Incredibly this wristband using its smart track, detects the exercises, workouts such as running, biking and elliptical, etc., and logs them all up to the dashboard. It tracks the all-day activity of the user like calories burnt, distance, steps, active minutes. Such stats help the user to move further and stay motivated for his fitness goals.

Furthermore, the user gets notified for calls, text messages, calendar notifications on the display screen. Friendly on-screen messages remind and encourage the user to set and achieve mini fitness girls. Additionally, the Fitbit health and fitness app sync wirelessly to more than 200 iPhones, windows, and Android devices. It is one of the most affordable devices with an array of the most modest sensors.

Moreover, the 3 axis accelerometer tracks the entire day’s steps and activities—all such information is used for; cutting other activities. The heart rate status updated on the screen right after 5 seconds. “Smart track ” is one of the alarming features which automatically detects the exercise. After every fitness goal completion, the band’s vibrations congrats the user.  Users can set silent vibrating alarms, which make the user awake without disturbing him. If you want a backup plan but you are a deep sleeper one then go for this “Fitbit Alta HR.” its sleep tracker is capable of tracking sleep stages such as:

  • Deep sleep
  • REM cycles
  • Light sleep

All the tracked sleep insights help the user to improve his sleeping stages. If you want to customize your watch display of the slimmest wristband, you can do it using “Fitbit app.”


  • Bright OLED display
  • Tracks sleep and its stages
  • Track heart rate continuously
  • Syncs to windows, android, and apple’s devices
  • Notifies the user of calls, messages, and calendar

What do we like?

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to read data
  • Auto exercise recognition
  • Accurate heart rate reader
  • Friendly reminders to move
  • Slimmest heart rate tracker design

What don’t we like?

  • No GPS
  • Not water resistant

Bottom line

It’s an affordable fitness solution that works without adding plenty if Fitbit Alta HR adds. It tracks heart rate, sleep stages, automatically detects workouts, and delivers more personalized data to take further decisions. Longer battery which stays for up to 7 days, takes almost 2 hours to charge fully. The only things which are compromised in even today’s time are GPS and water resistance. I prefer this wristband if you do not go swimming and other water-related fitness activities.


There are specific questions in the users’ minds when selecting the best fitness watch for men 2021; one tracker watches out of a few ones. Below we answered a few common queries by the users. Go through them and narrow down the best one for you.

Final verdict

In final words, a smartwatch fitness tracker is the best companion ever. It keeps on guiding smartly and also measures the Heart rate, sleep stages, street level, calories burnt and intake, distance, steps, detects exercises, guides with multiple sports apps, and other fitness-related activities. The best fitness watch for men 2021, accompanied by all features present in an ideal fitness watch. GPS, Bluetooth connectivity, smart notification, emergency call in case of an accident, and fitness training programs are a few notable features that add spice to the fitness tracker’s full functionality.

Our Top Picks


apple watch SE



We reviewed the most affordable and well-known fitness watches for men. If you are still confused with their selection, go through these top 2 fitness watches with ultimate features. We assure you these two fitness watches for men will meet your level of expectations and assist you in achieving your fitness goals.

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