11 Best Fitness Trackers 2021 – Reviews and Buyer Guide

best fitness trackers and watches

Do you care for your fitness and looking for the Best fitness trackers 2021 now? Then don’t bother further because we have all that you need for fitness tracking. Without a doubt, a wearable fitness or activity tracker matters when you struggle hard to achieve your fitness goal.

It’s doubtless that consistent use of a fitness tracker gradually improves the steps per day, heartbeat as well as sleep. Every activity you do after wearing the fitness tracker is monitored with related metrics, including calories burnt, distance covered by walking, heartbeat, etc.

Either you are running regularly, doing exercise, and other fitness activities daily, then it would be a great way to get a tracker. For sure, a fitness tracker holds the entire responsibility of your fitness and keeps on notifying you.

List of 11 Best Fitness Trackers and (Best Fitness Watch) 2021

Be ready to get you to wear your desired fitness tracker with ultimate technological features. Our team of experts burnt their midnight oil to get these top 11 the best fitness trackers in 2021. After profoundly researching hundreds of fitness trackers, we found them as matchless trackers in performance, price, and quality.

Comparison Table

Image Product Details   Price
cordlessblower Fitbit Charge 4 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 7 days
Compatibility: IOS, Android and Windows
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Fitbit Charge 3 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 6 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Garmin Vivosmart 4 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 7 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Apple Watch Series 3 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: 18 hours
Compatibility: Only IOS
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower New Apple Watch Series 6 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: 18 hours
Compatibility: Only IOS
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Garmin Forerunner 245 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 7 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Fitbit Versa 2 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 7 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Garmin Venu Sq Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 6 days
Compatibility: Smartwatch
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Garmin Vivoactive 4 Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: 5-7 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
cordlessblower Fitbit Inspire HR Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: Up to 5 days
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES
GPS: YES(only when it connects to the phone)
cordlessblower Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Activity Tracking: YES
Battery Life: 45 hours
Compatibility: IOS & Android
Heart Rate Tracker: YES
Waterproof: YES

1. Fitbit Charge 4


Your hunting for the best fitness tracker just ended with the arrival of “Fitbit Charge 4” as the Best fitness tracker and watch. Hence you can enjoy the latest prime features of this wearable tracker.  Its built-in GPS tracks the activity of the user.

Keep the user alert about his heart rate as it keeps on updating the user 24/7. All coming calls and texts are now notified to the user with this wrist band. Battery timing is of paramount worth, and incredibly, its battery life is up to 7 days, lacking other trackers.

One can see the active zone minutes displayed on your wrist now. A 3 months free Fitbit premium trial is provided to assist the user in sleeping well and stress management. If you are a new premium user of Fitbit, you can cancel the trial to avoid subscription charges. It’s possible now to play your favourite music playlist with the Spotify app on your wrist.

Using this wrist band, you can now track your workout activities in real-time. There are 20 plus exercise modes to use. Moreover, it is waterproof up to 50 meters so, the user can also track his swim. Furthermore, your sleep stages are also followed to monitor how well you sleep or not.

Key Features:

  • Water Resistance
  • Interchangeable straps
  • Robust companion app
  • Compatible with IOS and Android devices

What do we like?

  • Fitbit pays
  • Built-in GPS
  • Sleek design
  • Also, track sleep
  • Long battery life
  • Accurate heart rate sensors

What don’t we like?

  • Not visible in sunlight
  • No onboard music storage

Bottom line

As its name refers, it is a modified version of Fitbit charge 3. Make little investment in buying your full-time fitness responsible wearable now. The most splendid out of the box features of Fitbit charge 4 with a sleek, slim design and most affordable price is all around the best fitness tracker. It’s popular and known for its easy to use features.

2. Fitbit Charge 3


Another super fantastic fitness tracker watch is having 15 different modes of exercise activities and thereby allowing its users to choose any of the actions he wants. Clearly, labeled icons on the screen make it easy for a user to connect to a vast network of other Fitbit users using its Fitbit app. It requires 2 hours maximum to charge and gives 6 days of battery life.

Devices have Apple IOS 11 and higher, Android OS 7.0 and above, and Windows 10 or above are compatible with all Fitbit items. It’s aluminium, and gorilla glass made design adds meaning to its overall look. It measures calories burnt in a significant way also understands heart rate tracking 24/7. Set your fitness goal and choose any out of 15 plus exercise modes.

Its operating temperature is 10 to 45 Celsius and keeps on recording the time you spent in REM sleep stages and so on. It’s also water resisted wrist wearable. You can connect it to the smartphone GPS in real-time during your outdoor runs and rides. 

The band’s size is between 5.5 to 7 inches for small wrist users and large wrist band, its available in 7 to 8.7 inches. It keeps the user connected to everyday used mobile applications life weather, texts, and other app notifications on your wrist wearable. Moreover, radio transceiver Bluetooth 4.0 syncing is available for 6 meters.

Key Features:

  • Track swimming
  • Fitbit pay support
  • Smartphone notifications
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters
  • Can response notification, to android only

What do we like?

  • Safe for swimming
  • Touchscreen display
  • 15 plus exercises mode
  • Upgrade with SpO2 Sensors
  • Interchangeable watch straps
  • Better measures calories burn

What don’t we like?

  • No Onboard GPS
  • Proprietary charger

Bottom Line

The incredible part of Fitbit charge 3, is recording your burning calories and health insights in one fitness tracker are the desired one. Its swimming and water-resistant features support the users to track the swimming too. In a particular duration, it will keep on recording users’ activities automatically and accurately. A fully responsive touch screen display and the simplest to use cash app is an excellent edge for any age users.

3. Garmin Vivosmart 4


The “Garmin Vivosmart4″ is a great tracker that accurately monitors and records oxygen levels in the blood, heart rate, and energy in an entire day. Meanwhile, it calculates your whole “body battery,” which is your complete body resource.

When it comes to choosing a fitness tracker, the price might be the primary factor.so, Here you will get this most affordable, perfectly designed watch for athletes.  There involved Advanced health monitoring tools, including Vo2 Max, breathing timer, stress tracker, sleep tracker, and energy monitor.

Moreover, its lens made of polycarbonate and straps with silicone material make it durable. Its fully slim and sleek fashionable design made with stylish metal gives an overall bright look. However, it’s not a medical device yet not used for diagnosing any medical condition. Being a dedicated activity tracker, it has a timer for runs, strengths, walks, swims, and all.

Another needed feature is notifications about calls, messages, etc. The user can only reply with an android device. 48×128 pixels display resolution is enough for your fitness tracker. 7 days long battery life and water resisted tracker make it swimming and shower safely. Enjoy the GPS too on your wrist band after connecting it to any compatible smartphone.

Key Features:

  • Monitor heart rate
  • Vibration notification alerts
  • Monitors Body battery energy
  • Made with polycarbonate and silicone
  • Able to connect to a compatible smartphone

What do we like?

  • Long battery life
  • Accurate sports trackers
  • Measures blood oxygen too
  • Can be a big hand for dieting
  • Detailed & precise sleep tracking
  • Plus, OX sensor with lower end tracker

What don’t we like?

  • No GPS
  • Twitchy accelerometer
  • Small screen comparatively

Bottom Line

This blend of fashion and style gave a gorgeous design to this tracker. It allows the user to connect the GPS of your compatible smartphone to your watch tracker before going for outdoor walks and other fitness activities. Users can track their swimming by wearing it as a swim and shower safety tracker. The vibration feature timely alerts the user about calls and texts. The plus Ox sensor estimates the level of oxygen in the user’s blood.

4. Apple Watch Series 3


No doubt the Apple Watch series does not require any introduction. From the last couple of years, we all know that Apple watches have significance and are still ruling over people’s hearts. Thus, their old products are still in use by the users.

Compared to the previous series, this apple watch series 3 has a big boxer screen that looks large. Indeed, it’s the Best fitness watch 2021 too, due to its popularity among users. An additional feature of two forms of this apple series includes just GPS and cellular connectivity. Its extra chips support its regular software updates too.

It might be interesting to you that there is no big visual difference between the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd apple watch series. It’s compatible with IOS devices like iPhone 6 or above. Its amazon’s renewed product has 2 Lithium ION batteries. It connects to Bluetooth and GPS of iPhone available in 38 mm sizes. Its aluminium made water resisted smart wristwatch which has apple pay too.

Moreover, its 18 hours long battery life keeps the user free when he is about to go outside for a workout and other fitness activities. Don’t get bored when you have an apple watch series 3 on your wrist, having apple music and podcast.

Key Features:

  • Has Emergency SOS
  • Dual-Core S3 processor
  • Contains cellular models
  • Available in aluminum material

What do we like?

  • Personalized coaching
  • Still a great smartwatch
  • Improved fitness Features
  • Listen to Apple podcast & music
  • Has walkie talkie to use when outdoor

What don’t we like?

  • Patchy Siri
  • Comparatively short battery life

Bottom Line

Your need for an evergreen top-class fitness tracker is now over with the arrival of the apple watch series 3. The only drawback you will feel is its battery life, which is as short as 18 hours. Superfast dual-core S3 processors make its speed faster to track user activities.

5. New Apple Watch Series 6


Recently launched “Apple Watch Series 6” is one of the best fitness trackers 2021 due to its health-related features and some new sensors. It’s the apples watch series contains improved chips and supports apple pay purchase. Thereby, it introduced superfast chips and sensors for monitoring blood oxygen.

Meanwhile, with the watch, they added an oximeter with an improved wideband chip. Stress tracking and Pulse Ox said in this series measures and tracked the pulse of the wearer. Its screen is now enhanced. It’s 2.5x brighter with “always-on” ambient mode. Aluminium made watches available in red and blue colours.

It has a 32 GB storage capacity, which allows the user to store songs, audiobooks, and many more. Fabulously added S6 Sip makes the watch 20% faster than the S5. Indeed, it’s a matchless series by apple that allows its user to test his heart rhythm with the ECG app’s help.

Additionally, its newly added sensor and apps also assist in measuring blood oxygen. Its swim-proof design and superfast tracker show trends of your fitness on the fitness app available on the iPhone. Without a doubt, the always-on retina display is 2.5 x brighter when you are outdoor for any fitness activity like running, walking, or swimming.

Key Features:

  • Faster S6 chip
  • Low-cost LED options
  • LTE and Non-LTE options
  • Blood oxygen monitoring
  • Contains ultra Wideband chip

What do we like?

  • 5GHz Wi-Fi
  • Solid ecosystem
  • Bulletin sleep tracking
  • Matchless app support
  • Accurate and stable GPS
  • Check heart rhythm with ECG app
  • Premium and a sleek design with accessories

What don’t we like?

  • Mediocre battery life
  • Must have iPhone to use it

Bottom Line

Without a doubt, the apple watch series 6 is the Best fitness watch tracker as it has the ultimate features someone requires. It provides Bluetooth 5, ultra-wideband, Wi-Fi, and other compatible plans. ECG app is available in this series for the better fitness of the user. Its interchangeable bands with grey, black, and red colours give a more stylish look. Add this tracker to your life and enjoy its fruit.

6. Garmin Forerunner 245


I found another the Best fitness watch on the market, having an improved resolution display and can store up to 500 songs. Garmin Forerunner 245 comes with different comfortable silicon straps. Notably, there are two versions of this tracker. The standard Forerunner 245, and the other one is 245 Music. It’s a budget-friendly tracker with free adaptive training plans from a Garmin coach.

Meanwhile, this tracker brings forth advanced running dynamics based on the ground contact and timing, vertical ratio, and stride length. Its security and safety features are fantastic incident detection tracking for selected activities. Through your connected/paired smartphone to the tracker, it sends your real-time location to your emergency contacts.

Its GPS supported watch tracker having advanced fitness training features. Moreover, it never lets you be boar while running, walking, or workout due to its incredible music streaming feature. Have a look at performance monitoring features to determine your training status; either you are undertraining or working well with an aggressive approach.

Free of cost training plans are available from a well-trained Garmin coach and then create custom workouts to connect to the Garmin fitness community. A tracker with 7 days long battery life and 1.2inch display size is the best choice ever.

Its size is 42.3×42.3×12.2, which fits your writs properly. Uniquely provided advance running dynamics also add meaning to this tracker.

Key Features:

  • Evaluate the current training status
  • Offers additional mounting features
  • Connect to Garmin online fitness community
  • The detected incident during selected activities

What do we like?

  • Best battery life
  • Crisp color screen
  • Latest training insights
  • Onboard music storage
  • Easy to use music features

What don’t we like?

  • No altimeter
  • No Garmin plays

Bottom Line

If you are a beginner runner and want a ruling tracker, go with “Garmin Forerunner 245”. It’s a proper running tracker as well as a smartwatch. Mainly the Garmin coach feature with advanced running metrics assists the runners to produce more productivity. Can connect to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and many more. Go with it and start.

7. Fitbit Versa 2


Though Fitbit versa 2 introduced with super impressive features, the Fitbit versa previous model is still in use and serves a wide range of users. Measuring and then helping to improve sleep score is one of the admiring features of this tracker. It measures and records the user’s heart rate, restlessness, and sleep time as well. 

Moreover, its comprehensive and large display helps the user to read information with a glance only. Send and receive prompt replies, calls only for androids, using it when your smartphone is nearby.

In case you have no cards and cash but have this tracker watch, go with the Garmin app and purchase what you want. It’s a super fantastic feature to go for longer runs and walks with 7 days long battery life.

Sleep quality matters if you want to stay fit and healthy throughout your life span. To track your sleep, you must have an active sleep score tracker that monitors your sleep quality and then provides you insights.

Controlling and managing pandora stations and Spotify app, music playlists is no harder now. You can store up to 300 songs on your wristwatch from now.

Accurate 24/7 tracking of heart rate, steps, calories burned, floors climbed, and distance covered shown in a glance with a super large display on your wrist. long battery life works efficiently with Bluetooth headphones and connected IOS and android devices.

Key Features:

  • OLED display
  • Works on android and IOS
  • Clean and easy to use Fitbit app

What do we like?

  • Fitbit Pay
  • Allows voice replies
  • One week-long battery
  • Now available in all modes
  • Adequate fitness and sleep tracker
  • 90 days free trial for Fitbit premium

What don’t we like?

  • No built-in GPS
  • Pointless Alexa integration
  • Strap charging is not handy

Bottom Line

Get the advantage of 90 days, almost three months of the free trial using the Fitbit premium app on this tracker. Premium Fitbit contains personalized insights, guided programs, more than a thousand workouts, and helps you turn your goal into a reality and advanced sleep tools. Additionally, its accessories add more spice to its look. Get a clearer picture of your fitness and health with this tracker, which guides you through setting goals, track exercise, track sleep, and many more.

8. Garmin Venu Sq


The well-known “GarminVenu Sq” is the alternate to Garmin venue but with a more economical price. Like the Garmin venue, its fitness and health features are similar, but it came in squarely.

Packed core sensors and other built-in features, including heart rate monitors, give the user a great experience. Multiple dedicated modes, including running, swimming, cycling, and sports, are tracked accurately with this tracker. 

No doubt it’s the very first watch with 125 to 190 mm circumference you have never seen before. it shows up everything clearly with a bright display. An “always-on mode” gives a perfect glance at the information on the screen.

Body battery, energy level, estimated heart rate, stress, respiration, menstrual cycle, sleep, and many more things monitored accurately using this smart wristwatch. Users can benefit from downloadable songs in the watch using Spotify, Deezer, amazon music, and other apps with a compatible smartphone. There you will find 20 preloaded sports apps to guide you more about running, swimming and mindful breathing, etc.

The preloaded workouts such as yoga, cardio, and others create a strong bond between you and the Garmin community through the Garmin app.

This fully personalized watch having thousands of free watch faces, widgets, and connect to the IQ store when connected to the compatible computer or smartphone. 6 days long battery life and safety tracking features add spice to its overall significance. 

Key Features:

  • Garmin Pay
  • Built-in NFC, HRM
  • Blood oxygen SpO2
  • Preloaded workout guides

What do we like?

  • GPS tracking
  • Fine accuracy
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Tracks lots of sports
  • Body battery
  • 6 days of battery life
  • Reading LCD is easy now

What don’t we like?

  • Limited features
  • Paid to get more music

Bottom Line

Other than the running and sports mode, there are modes to guide breathing, mindfulness, and breathwork, which much work. Pulse Ox Sensor is of help in measure and providing the results to the user. Now the running, workout, and cycling sessions are sitting on your wrist. You can get guidance and can repeat these sessions when you want. It has 20 preloaded sports apps for the best performance of the user.

9. Garmin Vivoactive 4


Super flexible and unique wearable tracker from Garmin family is “Garmin Vivoactive 4” is android and IOS supported. Keep you energetic by tracking; pulse OX, stress, menstrual cycle, sleep, respiration, and heart.

Uniquely, it provides easy-to-follow animated workouts, which are superb to help the user. Yoga, Cardio and Pilates, and strength are some of the workout animations provided on your wrist. Long battery life allows you to do outdoor workouts and other fitness activities for a longer time.

Moreover, you can personalize your watch tracker free of cost watch faces and widgets with a connected IQ store. You can download music, songs, playlists from Amazon, Spotify, and Deezer using your watch. Connect your Bluetooth headphones and listen to your favourite music.

This tracker’s most splendid feature is the “Garmin coach” which provides free training regarding marathon racing plans. He guides the user on how he can reach his pre-set goal and can do the best performance.

Pre-loading GPS indoor sports apps, and other records keep the user energetic and motivated toward his fitness goal. The ultimate security and tracking features detect incident when connecting to a compatible device with assistance in real-time.

Key Features:

  • Pilates support
  • Tracking with full GPS
  • Pulse oximeter reading
  • Work with Garmin coach
  • Practical two-button solution

What do we like?

  • Standard music storage
  • On watch music streaming
  • Unique breathwork exercise
  •  On-screen workout animation
  • Accurately track fitness & health
  • Underwater optical heart rate monitoring

What don’t we like?

  • Pricey
  • Uses multiple smartphone apps
  • Spotify/Deezer should be friendly

Bottom Line

The “Garmin vivoactive 4,” being the multisport watch, provides much more within your smartwatch. Unique workout animations, fitness trackers providing sleep, stress, respiratory, and heart tracking guide with the user to set his fitness goals accordingly. Downloadable playlists using amazon, Deezer, and Spotify allows the user to enjoy music while running or other fitness activities.

10. Fitbit Inspire HR


Is it your first time to buy and use a fitness tracker? If yes, then the “Fitbit Inspire HR” under $100 is not costly for you. It tracks all-day activities distances, hourly worked activity, calories burned, and others. This Fitbit inspires HR, wearable band utilize 24/7 heart rate and keep on burning calories.

Its records workouts in the same fashion, such as; swimming, running, bike riding, etc. Elastomer material made a flexible Fitbit band that looks similar to the sports watches we used.

Now, this tracker tracks sleep stages automatically and give insights about light and deep sleep stages. It allows you to enjoy its usage for up to 5 days of battery life with this watch.

We must say this app is enough for building a healthy habit and accurately tracking calories burnt, heart rate, etc. the Fitbit Inspire HR being a full-time encouraging companion motivates the user to reach your fitness goals with excellent performance at all.

It fits on large wrists, too, as its circumference for large wrists is 7.1 to 8.7. If you are looking for Fitbit Inspire HR for small wrists, it is available in 5.5 to 7.1 sizes.

Its tracker automatically records and tracks your sleep stages as well as heart rate through it. The operating temperature of this tracker is 14 to 113-degree Fahrenheit. So, it’s never recommended to be in a hot tub. 

Key Features:

  • Five days long battery
  • Provides remedies to move
  • Track real-time pace and distance
  • 15 plus goal-based exercise modes

What do we like?

  • Sleep tracking
  • Tracking matrices
  • Strong battery life
  • Swim Proof design
  • 24/7 heart rate or HR tracking

What don’t we like?

  • Large bezel
  • No Fitbit Pay

Bottom Line

Every new version of any existing tracker brings some modified features to provide much support to the user. Similarly, the Fitbit Inspire HR brought splendid features. It regularly tracks steps and activities which later help you for making further fitness plans. In addition to these trackings, this Fitbit inspire provides premium personalized insights that allow him to turn your goals into reality. Overall, it’s the right choice for you.

11. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active


Say goodbye to your wandering behind the best fitness tracker, and welcome to “Samsung Galaxy Watch Active.” Whatever you have heard about branded companies and their products is true in a particular aspect.

The tracker by Samsung is a highly recommended and affordable product overall. It is equipped with lots of features. Indeed, the Samsung active fitness tracker provides gear to your sport with a GPS tracker. It tracks heart rate using its sensors.

Furthermore, the crisp and bright OLED screen increases readability, whether you are outdoor or indoor. Sensitive touch and rotary controller screen look like spinning bezels as in previous watches of Samsung.

It detected more than 30 exercises by sitting on your wrist. Better analyze sleep patterns and keep refreshed at your best regard. Your sleep patterns are deeply analyzed with this tracker. This tracker automatically detects 6 exercises on your wrist.

This smartwatch is compatible with Samsung Smartphone, android OS 5.0, and above having 2.5GB Ram and IOS9.0 and above, iPhone 5 and above. It keeps you sending alert notifications about the irregular heart rate to make you more proactive about your heart health.

Swim-ready thin and smart durable, lightweight design available with interchangeable band colors. So, affordable branded smart wrist available under $100.

Key Features:

  • Sends real-time alerts
  • Analyze sleep patterns
  • Durable thin lightweight

What do we like?

  • Bright screen
  • Fine battery life
  • Attractive design
  • Rich exercise tracking
  • Looks petite and stylish
  • Fully comfortable & lightweight

What don’t we like?

  • Small icons
  • No rotating bezels

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a fitness tracker supporting android and IOS, this tracker will now end your search. The “Samsung Galaxy active watch” supports android and IOS devices to connect. It sends real-time alerts when it observes your low or high heart rate. Such a tracker can make you healthier again. So, invest in this watch and enjoy its ultimate fruit.


Regardless of whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first fitness tracker or wanting to buy an advanced tracker, it merits doing your exploration before you dive in. Fitness trackers used to be celebrated pedometers; however, these keen contraptions can record and gauge a wide range of measurements across pretty much every game and day by day action. This implies you ought to have the option to discover a tracker that suits your way of life and causes you to keep up your wellbeing and accomplish your brandishing objectives.

Factors to consider for fitness tracker:

Following are some of the factors of fitness trackers.

Step Counts

Fitness trackers tally the number of steps you have strolled by assessing the arm swings and the separation you have reached. Numerous such gadgets track the calories consumed, and floors moved also. If you delay, the tracker probably won’t help you much, and it will at long last land in your cabinet with no utilization.


Most fitness trackers in the market screen your pulse; however, these are not gadgets affirmed to give clinical counsel. The estimations of heartbeat now and again.

For Workouts

The fitness trackers are dreadful about interpreting steps to a mile, solving you to adjust themselves by checking the equivalent against a known separation. There is GPS usefulness in some top of the line trackers that channel the battery all the more rapidly before the significant distance following finished. In additional exercises, for example, swimming, you have to wear water safety tracker.

Rest Patterns

Numerous trackers give rest observing and don’t can utilize the outsider applications for the reason. On the off chance that you thrash around a great deal while you are sleeping, the tracker will stamp you as a light sleeper. It will note down your visits to the washroom also. Strikingly, the tracker can’t direct you to improve rest and recommend that you rest for more.

Continue Moving

The wellness trackers can be annoying on the off chance that you have work area work. It is undesirable to sit for longer lengths; however, if you have a work area and continue disregarding the updates, you are not utilizing the tracker completely.

Your Smartphone

Numerous fitness-related highlights are now accessible on cell phones. The most recent models have applications to tally the means, and there are applications to screen your pulse and exercise force. On the off chance that you have any such cell phone, you need not be putting your cash in a wellness tracker by any means.

Fitness tracker and smartphone

Most fitness trackers incorporate cell phones with Bluetooth availability for overseeing notices, messages, and calls. Fitness trackers may likewise accompany their tracker application or potentially offer similarity with your PC or cell phones so you can assemble action patterns and screen your advancement. It would help if you searched for brands that can interface flawlessly with your accessible gadgets and, above all, with your cell phone.

Screen Size

While any showcase size can be useful for a youngster, a vast presentation size can enormously support more established people, senior residents, or individuals having visual perception issues. With more excellent presentation screens, you can undoubtedly explore different elements of your fitness band. In any case, recollect that enormous presentation can make the band look cumbersome.

Battery life

In such a case, it is significant that you take a gander at how long its battery endures and what the charging alternatives are. Some fitness trackers can be more energy proficient than others. Some can keep going for 6-7 days with a solitary charge, yet you may need to charge different trackers each 2-3 days. Long battery life can help you in your serious exercise checking.


When you first begin taking a look at fitness tracker, you will presumably be amazed at precisely the number of various styles there are. While most individuals expect a fitness tracker to come as a watch, you can discover some that clasp to your belt or pocket or are neckbands you wear. For example, numerous women want to have more alternatives regarding the fitness tracker’s shades and deal with them like a bit of a gem.


Valuable tips for choosing the best fitness tracker 2021 (Infographics included):

Infographic tips to choose best fitness tracker of 2021


Summing up the Best fitness trackers reviews, if you are still stuck with finalizing one of the best fitness trackers 2021? Then after analyzing deeply and considering all aspects, we have the top two picks for you.

Our Top Picks

Fitbit Charge 4

fitbit charge 4

New Apple Watch Series 6

apple watch series 6

From all aspects, I found them up to the mark. Just go through their reviews as well as the list of splendid features. Finalizing one out of these two and turning your fitness goal into reality.

I hope this piece of writing would assist you in selecting one fitness tracker.


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